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Why did we start Munchies Vending Services?

We started Munchies Vending Services to be able to provide both the owners of the establishment the vending machine is placed at and the people who will use the machine with a better experience. When we would use most of the vending machines in service today we found that they were either empty, out of some stock, or there was an issue with the payment system, very frustrating! To make matters worse it was almost impossible to get a hold of someone to voice a complaint to… So we decided to try and make a difference. First, we will always use newer machines that use the newest payment options and can be monitored remotely so we will know when a machine is low on stock, not processing payments or have some other issue. ( hopefully before you even call us ). We also offer an easy way to send us suggestions as to how we can do better or offer a different product. We found it very frustrating to go to a vending machine and all they offer is soda. When a lot of people not only enjoy soda, many people would rather have a water or sports drink. We would like to offer bigger machines that can offer a wider range of selections. We would love to hear from you and show you how we could improve your vending machine experience.